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Best Cybersecurity Blogs For 2021

Cybersecurity blogs are often the best source for keeping ourselves regularly updated. In this article, we’ll list down the best of those blogs.

Daniel Miessler 

Daniel Miessler has over 20 years of experience in infosec. Hence, this makes him more than qualified to write cybersecurity blogs. Moreover, Miessler’s blogs focus on security, technology, and people. 

Miessler’s blog section has a wide range of topics. Hence, you’ll have a lot of interesting topics to choose from. Moreover, his topics tackle the human and technological side of security. Miessler divides his contents into four categories:

  • Infosec
  • Technology
  • Philosophy
  • Creativity

Aside from cybersecurity blogs, Miessler also regularly publishes an amazing newsletter. Additionally, his podcast named Unsupervised Learning is worth listening to.


Zero Day is a security blog by ZDNet. One thing that sets ZeroDay apart is its 24/7 coverage of all security and technology news. Hence, rest assured that every single thing that happens in the infosec world is on Zero Day. They post around 5 times a day. Hence, you’ll miss nothing with ZeroDay on the very industry of cybersecurity. 

Troy Hunt 

Troy Hunt is an Australian security expert and Microsoft Regional Director. Moreover, Microsoft named Hunt as the Most Valued Professional in Developer Security. We often see Hunt in the press and Congress testifying about the global impact of big data leaks. 

Have I Been Pwned” is probably the most notable project of Hunt – it has given him global recognition. “Have I Been Pwned” enables data breach victims to see which of their accounts have been compromised. This service is free of charge!

Besides running that wonderful website, Hunt also publishes cybersecurity blogs regularly. Additionally, he voices out his opinion about new technology. Hunt also gives regular updates about his work, data breach analysis, and many more. 


Wired is a widely-renowned and a pioneer in the online publication field. They do take on topics involving security and emerging threats. Moreover, Wired publishes educational commentaries without boring the readers to death thanks to their recognized sense of humor and sarcasm. 

Furthermore, Wired’s blogs are not just for IT professionals. Thus, their blogs are for anyone interested in learning today’s technology. In addition, each of their posts includes amazing graphics to enhance the interest of their readers. 

Just keep in mind that Wired allows visitors to read blogs at a certain limit. You’ll get blocked by a big pop-up telling you to avail the yearly subscription. Just a friendly reminder. 


CSO’s blogs are somehow more focused on enterprise security. CSO emphasizes the importance of enterprise security and provides valuable insight into the best practices. Additionally, you’ll read post-breach analysis, cloud computing, and many more blog topics.

BH Consulting Security Watch 

Security Watch covers information security issues on an international level. Their blogs won’t bore you to death as their style is casually written. Feel free to browse through their multiple archives – there are just thousands of topics to choose from.

Schneier on Security 

Bruce Schneier is a cybersecurity professional with vast experience in the field and impressive credentials. Hence, his cybersecurity blogs generate lots of engagement. It is a good source of information coming from people with differing opinions. Hence, such engagements will give you a wider mindset. 

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