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cybersecurity roadmap

How to Develop a Cybersecurity Roadmap

The recent rise in data breaches just showed that implementing a strategic, risk-based cybersecurity roadmap is a must. Read on to see how to do so.  Understand and monitor your organization’s attack surface One of the main reasons why companies fall victim to attacks is that hackers can exploit risks hidden in complex digital ecosystems. …

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cybersecurity without degree

Land a Job in Cybersecurity Without Degree

You can surely land a job in cybersecurity without degree. However, you will need a lot of determination and training than degree holders.  Cybersecurity is one of the industries that are projected to boost employment for the upcoming years. For instance, research shows that information security analyst jobs will expand by around 31% by 2030. …

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cybersecurity fresh graduate

Guide for a Cybersecurity Fresh Graduate

Cybersecurity has always been an exciting field to work in. As a cybersecurity fresh graduate, how can you stand out among the rest and land a job?  The COVID-19 pandemic has hampered many industries. Yet, the case is different in cybersecurity. Every industry needs some sort of data protection, making the demand for cybersecurity professionals …

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Cybersecurity Jobs Near Me

Cybersecurity Jobs Near Me: All You Need to Know

Cybersecurity jobs near me- do you want to land a good job position in the cybersecurity field?  Growing Demand: Cybersecurity Jobs Near Me Any public or private sector does need a cybersecurity team or expert. This is because of the continuous threat to data security and privacy. Hence, wherever state you may be in, cybersecurity jobs are …

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Cybersecurity Degree Online

All You Need to Know About Cybersecurity Degree Online

Gaining a cybersecurity degree online is getting more attention nowadays. With the increase of cyberattack reports, the demand for professionals to counter the need is also rising. Are you thinking of earning a cybersecurity degree online? If so, what can you expect from it? What are the best cybersecurity degree online platforms available today? Why …

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are cybersecurity bootcamps worth it

Are Cybersecurity Bootcamps Worth It

More students have enrolled for cybersecurity training for the field’s increasing popularity. That’s why many ask “are cybersecurity bootcamps worth it?” Cybersecurity as a career has increased in popularity over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic may have affected many industries, but not cybersecurity. In fact, there is a surge in demand for security …

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cybersecurity job market

Cybersecurity Job Market Challenges

A 0% unemployment rate for the cybersecurity industry is a huge success. However, it also presents challenges in the cybersecurity job market. For instance, finding qualified professionals for open positions is totally not an easy task.  Thus, a 0% unemployment rate isn’t always great as it sounds. The demand is way better than the supply …

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cybersecurity courses

Best Free Cybersecurity Courses (Online)

The demand for cybersecurity experts has never been higher. Take these free cybersecurity courses to kickstart your career.  Cybercrime is a growing problem for individuals and businesses worldwide. This problem has grown even bigger as enterprises move to online platforms due to COVID-19. Hence, companies are acknowledging the need for cybersecurity, making the demand for …

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