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Bookmark These Cybersecurity News Sites

You must stay on top of cybersecurity trends and threats to protect your information. These cybersecurity news sources will help you achieve that.

Staying updated on cybersecurity is almost a full-time job. Since cybersecurity is a tech industry, it expands every day with the emergence of new applications like the Internet of Things and machine learning. 

However, hackers innovate too. They work double-time knowing that most people use their devices more than ever. Thus, every business must learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity and regularly conduct security awareness training. Listed below are some of the best cybersecurity news sites you must bookmark and include on your next read. 

Security Magazine 

Security Magazine offers monthly print and digital magazines. They examine a wide array of cybersecurity news and issues. Besides magazines, they also offer daily news, blogs, and newsletter. They also have in-depth analyses for professionals. 

Moreover, they help professionals grow. That is by providing career development resources, such as job listings and courses archive. Security Magazine is a sponsor of annual Security 500 conferences. 


BleepingComputer is a computer-help website founded in 2004. It is a hub for answering computer, technical, and security questions. Moreover, BleepingComputer educates readers on cyber hygiene and how to deal with cyberattacks. 

Besides daily news, they also offer hands-on assistance. Some of the interesting guiders are decryption and virus removal. There’s also a lot to learn from their forums, courses, and tutorials. The site is free but requires registration. 

SC Media 

SCMedia has been around since 1989 with information security executives as their target audience. They offer daily posts on the latest cybercrimes and how they affect the business world. 

SC Media has two digital magazines for US and UK audiences. They also offer a daily newsletter, whitepapers, ebooks, and podcasts. Additionally, readers will benefit from independent product reviews and in-depth security analysis. 


Threatpost is an independent news site that stays on top of the major cybersecurity news of the day. The unique thing about Threatpost is its stories are written in a straightforward style. This means that their content does not contain a lot of cybersecurity jargon, unlike most sites. Threatpost also offers a daily newsletter and podcasts. 

Krebs on Security 

Journalist, author, and former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs run this website. While he does not present a detailed look at cybersecurity news, Krebs is considered one of the most influential leaders in cybersecurity. Krebs uses his investigative reporting skills to dig into the tactics hackers use. 

CISO Magazine 

CISO Magazine offers a digital magazine monthly. Their website features daily cybersecurity news from a global perspective. Its main categories are startups, governance issues, and data privacy. CISO Magazine has an annual subscription fee of $149. 

Honorable Mentions 

ZDNet’s cybersecurity blog named Zero Day offers valuable insights on a wide array of topics. While it’s a business magazine, Forbes provides in-depth coverage of cybersecurity issues. Technology magazine Wired has a good section on cybersecurity. Finally, Daniel Miessler’s Unsupervised Learning blog is worth a look for those in the information security industry.

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