how many courses in information technology

How Many Courses in Information Technology?

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The courses in Information Technology or IT are the courses that teach you the technical knowledge to help you work with computers. Those who study this course are called computer technicians.

These courses are very important because they help keep our daily lives running smoothly.

How Many Courses in Information Technology?

There are many different courses in Information Technology. People who want to become computer technicians, usually take two types of courses. 

The first type is called a certificate program. This is a short course that lasts for about 9 months. It teaches you the very basics about computers and how to use them. However, it does not teach you any advanced information because it is very short. 

The second type is called an associates degree or an associates degree in technical studies. It is a 2-year degree that teaches you advanced skills as well as more fundamentals of computers and computer technology.

Certificate Courses in Information Technology

The certificate programs are usually at community colleges, junior colleges, technical schools, or even universities. Some of these programs are also online and can be done from home. They are very fast-paced because you learn all the basics in a short amount of time so you can get out with a certificate and begin working as a computer technician. 

However, these certificates are not very meaningful because they only teach you the very basics of computer technology and do not give you the knowledge to work on advanced computers or fix complex problems that may arise with them.

Associates Degree Courses in Information Technology

The associate’s degree programs are longer than the certificate programs and take about 2 years to complete. To take this program, you have to have completed high school first because some colleges require that all students have basic knowledge before they can start the program at their college. 

These two-year degrees teach you the more advanced techniques in computer technology such as programming, networking, and website development, among many other things. They also include fundamentals such as computer hardware and software engineering so that by the time you finish your degree, you will be able to work on both new computers as well as older computers without any issues.

Examples Information Technology Courses

Here are some of the IT courses you may take:

1. Computer Maintenance

This course teaches you how to maintain and repair computers. It is a very important course because it keeps your computer working properly.

2. Programming Language

This course teaches you how to program using a computer language (also called coding). It is usually taught using the C++ language.

3. Web Designing

This is a very popular course because it teaches you how to design websites. This is very useful because many people are starting their businesses online and they will need someone to design their website for them. You can do this as a job!


If you are interested in learning about computer technology, you should consider taking courses in Information Technology at a community college. There are many different types of courses that you can take.

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