what does a vp of information technology do

What Does a VP of Information Technology Do?

What does a VP of information technology do? You probably wonder about that. Well, the key to advancing to this position is IT experience and strong business skills.

Many industries need qualified IT professionals with up-to-date skills. Not only that but also advanced knowledge to supervise their information systems.

So, in this post, let’s talk about the common duties of a VP of information technology.

What Does a VP of Information Technology Do?

The VP of information technology sure has a lot of responsibilities. For example, the position is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of organizational information systems.

This position also takes charge of software applications, IT support, and infrastructure systems. It directs and manages IT plans, schedules, policies, and programs for data processing, network communications, and many more.

He’s also a leader. Identifying emerging information technologies to be analyzed, assimilated, and integrated is one example of a high-level task. In addition, to support the company’s long-term goals, this role may oversee the development of mission-critical applications and technology.

Another important duty is leading technology planning. This position may drive the implementation of development best practices throughout the company.

Furthermore, in most organizations, the VP of information technology works out of a comfortable office. Most often, located near the IT department. 40 hours per week is standard. But project deadlines may need additional hours. And at times, he may need to travel to conferences or among satellite facilities.

Potential Earnings

A VP of information technology no doubt has an outstanding salary potential.

According to the national salary data on PayScale.com, this position has a median total income of about $152,563 per year. With those in the 25th to 75th percentile earning between $121,171 and $195,954 in total pay.

Moreover, with additional experience, it can also move into roles with increasing responsibility. Of course, that would result in much higher potential annual pay.

What Should You Need to Become a VP of Information Technology?

When hiring, employers usually need a master’s degree. As well as several years of experience.

So if you’re interested in the position, you should have a background in computer science. You also need knowledge of information technology or software engineering.

Besides, extensive experience and an evident record of success in complex technical environments are also important.

You should have a solid technical background. You should also be able to implement the best IT policies and systems to meet various goals.

Furthermore, you must have a working knowledge of the best practices used in IT. While on the other hand, continually researching new industry trends.

Note also that many employers prefer candidates with business knowledge acquired through an MBA program.

So, candidates who wish to advance their careers to the position can improve their prospects. How? By earning an MBA with a specialization in Information Technology Management.

Is it Included in Your Aspirations?

The opportunity can be yours given that you have the needed background in IT, strong business skills, and leadership potentials. So, boost your confidence. And advance to this career by earning an MBA with specialization in Information Technology Management.

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