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Why Do We Need Information Security Standards?

Many people still don’t have an idea about information security standards. Maybe you are also wondering what it means and its importance. You’ll find out those answers in this article.

What Do Information Security Standards Mean?

Almost all industries have their own standards. The field of information security is no different. A standard is a published specification. It specifies technicalities or other precise criteria. Moreover, industries use standards as a rule, guideline, or definition. Furthermore, it makes life simpler, according to ISO. Additionally, it makes the goods and services we use more reliable and effective.

Why Do We Need Information Security Standards?

All businesses may use this set of rules for common reference. An organization compliant with agreed regulations or rules is often considered trustworthy. Furthermore, a compliant organization possesses a competitive advantage over other organizations. This is helpful since customers evaluate the products and services of different businesses.

Furthermore, various governing bodies impose regulatory and legal requirements. They do that to ensure that all businesses take information security seriously. For instance, let’s say that your company processes credit cards. Hence, you must comply with the PCI DSS Data Security Standard. This is a standard specified by major credit cards. 

Non-compliance may result in huge fines or higher processing charges. Worse, credit card companies may refuse to do business with you.

Furthermore, non-compliance may cause your business to face lawsuits from customers. For example, your company suffered a data breach. However, your company does not comply with information security standards even the regulations state you must be. Customers impacted by the breach may file lawsuits. You’ll surely have a hard time defending. Hence, you are looking at a huge financial and reputational loss.

To sum, standards help businesses meet regulatory requirements. You’ll also find compliance with requirements easier.

Beware Against This Potential Problem

Several companies go for a standard only for marketing or simply achieving that standard. Such companies don’t care about information security. Thus, they just want to reach all requirements specified by a standard. This is dangerous since such play gives such organizations a false sense of security. They think their information is secure. But in reality, they are not.

Successful information security starts with the motive. If your motive is to improve the processes, procedures, and security of your company, you’re looking at success and more benefits from compliance. 

How To Obtain Standards 

There are three main sections of the standard, namely:

  • Business standards
  • Individual standards
  • Product standards

Determine which one is suitable for you and/or your company. Afterward, familiarize yourself with the standard. You may obtain a copy of that standard from organizations that develop the standard. Additionally, it is available from other third parties.

Furthermore, engaging with someone knowledgeable about that standard is also helpful. That could be either in-house or an external consultant. Furthermore, check what gaps exist in your organization. Those gaps are against the standard. Then, develop a plan to address those gaps.

Afterward, you are ready! Engage with a certification body to achieve the standard.

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