information technology issues and challenges

Information Technology Issues and Challenges

In this section, we will explore more about Information Technology issues and challenges. Continue reading to know more about the topic.


Information Technology (IT) system is a set of tools and applications used to store, manage and analyze data, process information, implement business rules and procedures, and also provide an interface to access the data. IT is also a process that utilizes organized information to support an organization’s process and business strategy. IT can also be viewed as a fundamental component of business performance. 

The most important role of IT is that it supports the business objectives of the organization. IT can be viewed as a decision-making tool that helps managers to introduce changes in the business process. Moreover, the main purpose of Information Technology is to automate business decisions by accessing the information to produce meaningful results.

Top 6 Information Technology Issues and Challenges

1. Data Storage, Retrieval, and Migration 

With the growth and development of business, the same has been transacting on a global scale. With globalization, the need to store data has increased substantially. Since the data has grown so much and so fast, it becomes a bit difficult to manage such a huge amount of information. Thus, a need to migrate data arises. Data migration is a process of transferring data from one computer system or host to another computer system or host.

2. Software Development Methods

The software development process is a continuous procedure. The reason behind it lies in the fact that the needs of business change gradually and new business requirements are introduced with time. Thus, there is always a need to develop new software based on the new business requirements.

3. Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is a technology that enables IT resources to be provided over a network, typically the Internet, and enables users to access the resources remotely. The cloud computing model is also a service delivery model which aims to provide services more cost-effectively.

4. e-Commerce 

e-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services using electronic systems, such as the Internet or other computer networks. e-Commerce has become popular due to the following reasons:

1) It can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

2) Provides transparency of transactions.

3) Businesses can reach out to their customers who are located in distant areas.

5. Introduction of New Technologies 

With the rise in competition, organizations have started adopting new technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. These technologies help them in improving their performance and also help them stay ahead of their competitors. 

6. Inadequate Security Measures 

Since most organizations have adopted new technologies, hackers have started attacking servers to obtain sensitive information about individuals or for monetary gains. Hackers mainly attack websites and make use of various malicious software to gain access to a system or website. Thus, it becomes necessary for an organization to put appropriate security measures in place to protect sensitive information from being stolen by hackers. The security measures taken by an organization should be appropriate enough to protect data from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

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